Remember when in my May 27th post I said

“More‚Äôll surly be coming daily”. Well, today’s


that “Daily” day. Former Republican Speaker

Of The House, Dennis Hastert, has now been

charged by the FBI in a decades old case. It’s

from paying out a victim he “abused” decades

ago. He has now been indicted by the the US,

and going to court for covering up the Sexual

Assault Of A Minor. He was, “paying out” $3.5

to someone named “Bruce”(the full name has

been held back to protect the victim). Oooops

Speaker gavel(“This is set to molest?”)

Now the way the FBI went about catching em

was pretty shaky at best. They used somethin

called “withdrawl’s in the $10,000 cash range”

He was pulling it out just ‘below’ the $10,000

in cash. He did not break the law at all, but it

should be noted, who “takes” that much cash

out multiple times just under a Legal amount

Who deals in the that much cash in such odd

amounts? Well, someone who is paying a kid

Dennis Hastert(Top Left, creepy)

not to ever Disclose what Dennis did to them

You can bet, he is NOT the only one and now

all of Yorkville, IL. will get Turned on its ears

Ya never pay out $1.7, of $3.5 million to some

one, when nothing happened. This gets worse

Kerry Breaks His Femur

There’s an old saying in Theater, & in comedy

where before you perform “Break a leg!”. Yes,

John_Kerry_breaks leg(“Oh snap!” Too soon?)

it’s odd. It’s an older superstition. Democratic

Secretary of State John Kerry broke his femur

yesterday in France while bike riding. Damnit

if he was Lance Armstrong style his HGH will

prevent that brittle bone shit from happening

Meh, that’s sad. Hope he heals quickly. Oh my

mom broke her femur. She has a “Steel Plate”

put in to fix it. Looks like Somebody is gonna

be setting off all the TSA metal detectors now

Kerry with Nigerian president(“That’s not my leg!”)

In other Sad News, Joe Biden’s son Beau has

passed away, after his batter with Hodgekins

Lymphoma Leukemia. That man, was a good

man. Much love out to his family and friends

NOTE: R-Lindsay The Lovely Lady Graham
Is Now ‘Officially’ In The R-2016 Clown Car
NOTE II: Our ‘Blackhawks’, Are Cup Bound
Again. The Citys So Grateful And So Existed
Tomorrow: Another Racist Vile Hateful Cop

Have a day!

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