NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio explained the Mid-terms

in pretty simple terms: When American’s desire the

de-blasio(“I won!”)

policies, positions, & specific Governance you offer;

don’t run from them. It’s sound advice. It would be

like a football team that is 6-1 thinking, “You know?

Let’s not do anything that’s made us a winning club

anymore. Let’s all just do the exact opposite now for

no good fucking reason!”. Do you remember, all the

Republican’s who lost badly in national elections?!?

Yes, their idea to fix it was, “Fuck it, let’s all run way

spineless(We know)

father right now!”. And when Democrats get elected

their goal is, “Fuck it, let’s all run away from the shit

electing us. Let’s all be Republican Lite now, weeee!”

Now I can’t figure are the Democrats just spinelessly

ignorant fidiots or are they all just doing the ‘biddng’

of all their corporate donors?!? Maybe both. The fact

that people who run on progressive policy ALL crush

Republican’s, would been enough to understand that

But until they start running on the policies that work

and that voters all universally love….they are TOAST

Anonymous Say KKK No Fucking Way

Anonymous is taking a firm stand. Just as all society

should do here. The KKK passing out “Death Threat”

racist-cop(Racist Ferguson cop)

fliers is unacceptable, period. Being a ‘racist asshole’

isn’t against the law. Inciting racist violence & death

threats ARE. Anonymous, “hacked” into their Twitter

and websites to shut them down. And anonymous has

compromised KKK member email accounts & a phone

‘harassment campaign’s’ being conducted on all of em

BOOM! Right there is the key. The vile racist elements

of the world, hiding in the darkness on-line will NOW

ferguson.racial.rpofiling_occupycorporatism-322x350(We know)

be exposed finally. No more internet hoods ya bitches

Please ‘read’ the thoughtful ideas they expressed here:

“Due to your actions we have started Operation KKK.
The aim of our operation is nothing more than Cyber
Warfare. Anything you upload will be taken down, &
anything you use to “promote” the “KKK” will be shut
down…You messed with our family & now we will mess
with yours…Let the cyber war begin. We are legion. We
don’t forgive. We don’t forget. You should’ve expected us”

And if I know racists, like we all know racists, they’re

a day late, & 130 IQ points short. They can’t ‘win’ this

one, nor ever will. And, being a racist asshole is NOT

against law. Inciting racist violence against a peaceful

protect fucking IS. We’re coming for you all & you lose

NOTE: The Bears finally won a fucking game! Granted
it was against the “Little, blind, deaf girl, with no skills”

Have a day!


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