Holder Your Fire & Insane Cop

September 30th, 2014

Eric Holder is “stepping down” from his job as Attorney

General. He already stated he would by the end of 2014

f-holder-in front logo(Work to still do)

so this wasn’t news. But until they pick a ‘successor’, he

will still be our AG. This, angers white racists. Just look

at the internet hiding behind their hoods. So republican

racists hated him, which means, he was seeking, “Equal

Protection” under the law for all. We will get there, step

by step brick by brick. So those who seek to discriminate

will be a footnote in history, as the evil, tiniest, nothings!

Remember the Ferguson cop who pushed Don Lemon?!?

Dan Page is an oath keeper prospouse abuse mega racist

racist-cop  racist-cops

He was a FUCKING COP. These are NOT isolated events

There are way more racist ‘crooked racist cops’ out there

today like him. Sadly the post below seems to reenforce it

After 35 fuckin’ years no one ever heard his views?? Nope

not buying it. He just ‘verbalized’ it, so they cut him loose

Evil Insane Cop

Kid is pulled over by a cop, for a “seat belt violation” at a

gas station. He was told, to step out of his truck. The cop

state-trooper-sean-groubert-shooting-video(“I’m violent crazy”)

then asked for the kid to get his license. At this moment,

the kid leans into his truck cab to get the license, and the

cop opened fire. The kid was struck on the hip as the cop

continues to FIRE. Cop was a shitty shot, &, the kid is on

the ground asking, “Why did you shoot me? I was getting

my license!”. IF, the cop was a better shot, he’d be DEAD

The kid did everything he was asked. Now if there was no

dash camera, the cop says “He lunged right at me” or “He

went for my gun!”. The point is this: A white women goes

into her car, to get her license, nothing. If ME, ‘maybe’ he

scolds me to stop, but doesn’t open fire. The problem here

is “institutional racism”. A black citizen who is doing what


you asked of him, is now seen as “he’s getting a weapon to

kill me”. THAT’S the problem. Shoot first, even when it is

not a threat. The cop, has since been fired, was arrested &

is awaiting jail time. But, I am getting sick of seeing all this

Properly train our law enforcement & weed out the nutters

Have a day!

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