Anachary USA, & VomiCon…

September 29th, 2014

The Republican Clown Car rolls along Zig-zagging

all over the road, destroying everything in it’s path

clown-car(Send in the clowns!)

The latest bigass, is Dr “Uncle Ruckus” Ben Carson

A black Republican today is like a Jewish Nazi or a

“gay” Republican. You are standing with the people

who hate your guts, yell it daily & only seek policies

to directly destroy you. Well, ol’ Rukus decided this

country won’t have a ‘nomination process’ for 2016

because “Anarchy”, might ‘force’ the cancellation of

the entire election. WTF!?!?!?!?! Isn’t this the same

BenCarson-638x392(“I’m batshitcrazy!”)

idiot who compared the ACA to “slavery”?!? Ohhhh

yes it is. These people are detached from all ‘reality’

VomiCon : Republican “Room Of Stupid”

What would u call a room of older, white males, who

are wearing American Flag T-shirts, while holding a

valuevotersummit(Spot the lost minority)

collective 17 IQ? The Voters Values Summit! Whooo

Hooo! Let’s see you had the usual cast of characters

there. Everyone from Turd Cruz to Snowdrift Snooki

in Palin. And their main policy message?!?! Um none

It was a partisan snark fest with zero substance at all

And Palin does not know where the white house even

is. She said “You reload with truth which I know is an

endangered species at least at 1400 Pennsylvania ave

Tea Bagger idiots(Scary)

anyway, truth”. *facepalm* Then ya had Brian Brown

who said of all the “recent Republican’s lost elections”

that, “It is not our fault!”. Interesting, SO responsible

If this is the ‘best’ “Voter Outreach” they can do, then

this fall, if everyone goes to vote, this cycle ends them

Tomorrow: Holder Stops Down, & Bigot Cop Shoots

Have a day!

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