“Latte” Lapdog Losers Lost…

September 25th, 2014

The modern Republican party today has no valid policy to

offer 90% of Americans. In fact they will avoid “policy” so

Obama Latte salute(Holy Fuck!!!)

much, you get batshitcrazy stuff like: “Obama saluted with

a Latte in his hand” *Cue fake outrage* What they are ALL

saying is “We hate you because you’re fucking black”. Even

Clinton was abused by GOP’ers a lot, but “nothing” like this

Obama saluted the two Marines, who always salute, but he

had coffee in his hand. OMG IT’S A FOX FREAK OUT!!!!!!!!!!

Forget the salute was not used by presidents before Reagan

That means, Dwight didn’t do it, JFK, etc. It is not required

And, surely there isn’t some picture to show W. Bush doing

something equally odd or worse. Ooooops, doing it w/a dog

W. Bush dog salute(OMG!!!)

But that is not the point here. It honestly, never was to them

Their ignorance & blatant hypocrisy are used as a ‘distraction’

The point is, “politically”, in a two party system, one party is

offering horrid policies against 90% of voters, & intentionally

avoiding THAT discussion & pivoting to “Can you believe X?!?”

Don’t take the bait. Push em on what they are doing for the

VA, nothing. Stop launching pre-emptive costly endless wars,

nope. Helpin’ those with PTSD adapt or adjust to civilian life,

nothing. How about Republican’s cutting VA funding, check!

Bush "Watch this drive"(“Watch this drive!”)

How about a new GI Bill so soldiers can gain education, nope

They blocked that. How about returning vets on food stamps,

Republicans politically tryin to cut those. They DO, not, CARE

about the troops. They care about an off salute cause if we go

down the list of GOP mistakes, ignorance, & failures. Oooops!

Note: FOX’s pretty girls Rove & Sean made it about race here
SO “Basketball trash-talkin’ isn’t a dog whistle?! *Rolls Eyes*
Note II: Monday post, Eric Holder Stepping Down/Resigning

Have a day!

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