The Toupeed Talking Turd…

September 24th, 2014

Mr. Trump is like the gift that keeps on giving & yet

it is so clueless, it doesn’t know that it’s giving more

tumblr_mctv9qSju51qg39ewo1_500(Keep talking idiot)

He was trying to, “help” Kentucky republican Mitch

McConnell by stumping for him on FOX, and failed:

“If I were in Kentucky I can tell you, with all of Mitch’s
tenure, & all of the money he brings back to Kentucky
— I heard one person saying, oh, it’s unfair to bring so
much $ back to Kentucky(pork/ear marks) well, I wish
we had that in New York, I wish we had that elsewhere

Frankly, if I am in Kentucky, I love all the money coming
back into Kentucky. But he gets that because of his power
& his tenure. It would be very very foolish to give that up”

Ha ha ha ha ha! What a fucking moron. Republicans

scream “Limited gumberment”. But what they mean

is “small gumberment”, & “rugged individualism” for

Democrats, Minorities, the Poor, & anyone not them

Trump courting racists assholes(Fuck off)

You see, they deserve, “THEIR Welfare” all day long

‘Toupee Turd’ just admitted it openly for all to HEAR

The kicker, Trump doesn’t know our US Congress so

he stupidly right on que tweets this mega mouthfart:

“Why would the people of Kentucky want a
rookie Senator– they have Sen. Mitch @McConnellPress
who may be next Speaker & bring $’s to KY?”

Umm, that would be a neat trick. But the Speaker is

in the House. Mitch is in the Senate, but not for long

Trump’s like if ya mixed racist jiz, a bad UFC fighters

Pre-Cage patter, a 5 year old’s version of history and

Donald Trump Announces Scottish Golf course Plans(We know)

put it all under a ‘cotton candy clown wig’. A Talking

Anus spewing feces has more social value. At least ya

can put in a freak show tent & charge cash. This thing

would lose in a debate to Rick Perry, & a US Mail Box

Have a day!

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