End ISIS, & “Fuck It, I Quit!”

September 22nd, 2014

ISIS abusing, bullying, & murdering other Iraqi & Syrian

citizens must end right now. It’s not acceptable & saw an

abu-bakr-al-baghdadi-2(Evil ISIShole)

amazing piece last night on 60 minutes, showing ALL the

genocide terror these “religious extremist sociopaths” are

enacting against others. There are about 30,000-40,000

of ISIS in Syria & Iraq. That’s a big number we can gladly

trim down to 0 rather quickly. No negotiation, no talking

no discussions. If you continue to commit genocide, WE

use tactical special forces, & kill you. We are not going to

let an Islamic caliphate muderer put his boot heel on the

Abu Bakr phil-robertson(What’s the difference?!?!)

necks of other citizens, or religiously different. Take your

religious black flag of death, hate, & oppression, and just

use it to bury your dead. We are coming, & you’re fucked

This is serious shit. It is just Islamic Hitler, & NOT again

Newest Hero In Weed Legalization Fight

This might be the only great thing to come out of Alaska

since polar bears, Eskimo’s, & snow shoes. Her name is,

Charlo Greene(New Hero!)

Charlo Greene (real name Charlene Egbe) and said this:

“Which is why, I will be dedicating all of my energy toward
fighting for freedom & fairness which begins with legalizing
marijuana here in Alaska. And as for this job, well, not that
I have a choice, but fuck it, I quit…(Then walks off camera)”

*Stands up slow clapping with shocked look* Boom! Like

a BOSS. The best part was the women at the desk they cut

back too as shocked saying “Alright we apologize for that”

Followed by A 5 Second Pause, then, “We’ll be right back”

It’s simply the greatest 34 seconds in television history, &

News Anchor shocked(“Ah, derp!”)

it will go down as the water shed moment when weed was

now in the national discussion to finally be fully ‘legalized’

Note: Bears play tonight on MNF buckle up & GO BEARS

Have a day!

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