You know the best three lies? The checks in the mail(e-mail?),

it was like it when I got here & no, I’ve never seen porn at all!!

Big-Lies(We know)

That &, “I filed my taxes for 2009…in 2007”. Herp to the derp

Yes, sadly the only Republican’s left standing today, are either

massive bigots or gutless apologists seeking those bigots votes

How do we know this?!?! There isn’t a day that passes without

a story of a Republican using social media to say something so

disgustingly racist, that IS how. 19 year-old Republican, Jacob

Dorsey of Wisconsin decided to tweet some pretty f-ed up shit:

“fags need to leave my favorite state alone”
“fuck Abraham Lincoln”
“Ni**ers trash cars. I’m not selling my town car to one…”

Classy hitler youth right there. Forgive him national party he’s

jacob_dorsey_hate tweet(what a douche)

young. He didn’t know you are not supposed to ‘actually say it’

He’ll learn in time, to be as savvy as the old fucks *Rolls eyes*

This is actually the entire GteaOP in a nut shell today; one big

loud sad nothing voice; yelling as if the world cares. It doesn’t

Now that doesn’t mean there are not racist Democrats. I cover

them here when they are, but it is not their party’s policy goals

I’d call it 8 to 1, in favor of Republicans in terms of BIG racism

Civil war tweet(We know loser)

Meh, it’s just a matter of time for most these assholes. Til then

sit your petulant doing nothing asses down, adults are working

Clip Of The Day: Ukraine crooked politician now human trash

Have a day!

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