It seems Obama, Kerry, Rice, & anyone from the administration

when asked if we are “At War” with Isis or Isil or Isis-Holes they

Kerry answering phone(“Wait, what do I say?”)

can’t come up with a clear answer. They are redefining the ideas

You are either at war, or you are not. It is not “Kind of pregnant”

“Half Dead”, or “Maybe Punched”. In certain areas, shit is, what

it is. Period. Kerry went on national TV to say “We’re not at war”

Then directly link ISIS/ISIL to Al Qaeda claiming we are now at

war. Wait, what what with the what what?!?!?! You can’t fight a

conventional “War” with an ‘ideology’. There are 30,000 violent

nutters in ISIS/ISIL. It’s like havin’ the religious extremists here

armed to teeth “fighting” for there views with blood. Stupid nuts

SenatorGrahm grinning(“I know nothing!”)

And in this corner you have batshitcrazy Republican’s who know

NOTHING screaming “ISIS will kill us ALL here!!”. What crazies

They literally know nothing about foreign policy. Shit, most kids

today who use the internet know more than these fucking idiots!

Democratic Candidate Grimey Being Slimey

In what could be called the “worst political ad” of the midterms

Alison L Grimes, who should easily knock off the Turtle “Mitchy

Grimes-gun-screenshot(Stupid Ad)

I Suck Kock” McConnell, made a shit ad. In the ad, she is “Skeet

Shooting” saying, “I’m not Barack Obama”. *Puts hands in face*

Holy shit. She’s basically running as a Republican. For coal, yep

Pro-Guns Everywhere, yep. No policies, or offering specific stuff

YEP. What a sad loser. Point out Mitch is Wall Streets bitch and

doesn’t give a shit about Kentucky. Why? Because he doesn’t. So

neither does Grimes. She will do the bidding of different special

interests, just not the same ones as Mitch. LOSER!! This ad was

so bad, it will actually fucking crush her. I am convinced, Koch’s

Frank Grimes tombstone(Wrong Grimes)

hired her entire political team. Other wise……..they’re ALL fired

If Republican’s take control of the Senate, expect more gridlock

than there already is, which is almost inconceivable. GO VOTE!

Have a day!

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