Run-A-Rauner & Family Brawl

September 15th, 2014

IBruce Run-A-Rauner isn’t anything new. In fact, he’s a very

common political tail. The incumbent is pretty “turdly” and

Ditka Rauner screenshot(Ditka lives in Florida)

not the best for the state. Now enter the snake oil salesman

Full disclosure not a big fan of Pat Quinn. What he has done

in moving CPS pension funds is disgusting. Now……..tell me

which is worse. Lacking funds, or just robbing it all outright

for your wealthy buddies while gutting and cutting every big

social safety net? Ditka even was paid to shill for old Brucey

It’s all rather sad. This is a blue state & Quinn will win, BUT

wouldn’t it be nice to have progressives, or other wonderful

vote(Vote smart!)

choices to pick from? This comes down to us. Remember we

all are accountable. Vote, and run for office. You might so be

better than the “smelly sack of crap” you are running against

The Alaskan Hillbilly’s

Remember when I said I wouldn’t post about Palin until the

“Long slide down the poorly crafted toilet she built”? Well, it

Sarah-Palin-family-fight-house-party(“I lack IQ”)

is happening. It was a nice, quaint, Birthday Party that drew

local snowmobile racers. It turned into a big ass brawl when

the Alaskan Hillbilly’s showed up. White Trash With Cash, is

still White Trash. Period. They started a fight with the owner

of the home of the party. Class acts all of them; ending with

Todd having a bloody nose, Track(yes that’s it’s name) then

walking shirtless on the side of the road flipping off cars, &

with messed up ribs with “Momma Grizzly” following. They

all, pretty wasted, got out of stretch Hummer limo. Nothing

Palin clan(“We’re morons”)

says, “I don’t know how to spend $”, like a Stretch Hummer

What a sad collection of turds, all just waiting to be flushed!

Note: The Bears actually played football, & won in Frisco!!!

Have a day!

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