Ferguson Flames Flicker…

August 19th, 2014

This is sad. No matter your views of the events that

started all the valid public outrage somethin’ worse

(Reporter cuffed)

is now happening. When ‘law enforcement’ is being

covered by the media, the cops are all now publicly

threatening, arresting and harassing
every reporter

The facts from this act of ignorant violence will ALL

come to light. The “sunlight” is the best disinfectant

See, if the cops claiming all the violence & looting is

going on, you would want that ‘covered on film’, but

that’s not the stuff happening. It’s the oftaggressive

(Damn right!)

violent cops shutting down ALL coverage, because it

clearly shows they’re in the wrong big time. THAT’S

the issue. If you are in the right here, you WANT the

media coverage to show you are correct. But clearly,

they’re not here. They violated freedom of the press,

1st amendment & unwarranted detention of citizens

They’ll all burn for this shit. Creating a “police state”

because you don’t like citizens challenging ‘abuse’ of

power, when you murder another guy, in cold blood,

(Media assault?!?!)

is ONE tip off you KNOW you did it, & are so scared

Scared or not, all the facts will come to light, & IMO

it ends sooooooooo badly for ALL the Ferguson cops

Have a day!

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