Yep, it’s almost spring, and with it comes the “nutty batshitcrazy”

political ads season. Yippie skippy! Well, first off we have TeaOP

(Tea “Baggage”)

Alabama Republican Will Brooke who decided to do an ad where

he shoots up a copy of the ACA. Yep, nothing says “I got no ideas

rational solutions, & have a tiny penis” like shooting shit into one

million pieces. Classic. The ending was just breath takingly funny

He throws the ACA into the wood chipper but it still comes out in

“full page form” across camera. Holy shit, you just can’t make this

shit up. Guess the point of the Ad was, “In order to solve complex

stuff we must shoot it, and throw it into a wood chipper”. It seems

(“Solution, shoot shit!”)

like more of an appeal to “the sociopath guy from Fargo” than any

rational voters. They don’t even understand how the ‘government’

works, but are running for office. It would be like me complaining

about my doctor, so I run for his job. Republican’s, sinking so low

they must now hold up a sign that reads, “Don’t Spit, Can’t swim!”

Tomorrow: Outrage At Colbert Is Pathetically Funny, Yet So Sad

Have a day!

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