Rummy Dummy Balls…

March 26th, 2014

Donald Dumbsfeld decided to go on TV to take aim at the Obama

(I zap you all!)

foreign policy. He stoked “a trained ape would have better foreign

policy skills(than Obama)”; here’s the entire quote right in context

“This administration, the White House, & State Department,
failed to get a status of forces agreement. A trained ape could
get a status of forces agreement. It doesn’t take a genius.”

This takes balls. I mean, “serious balls”. Clearly Rummy has a -89

IQ, but 7,000 lbs balls. Forget “Rummy”, was one of the “WORST”

Secretary of Defense’s in US history. Ignore that he lied about Iraq

at every turn from “6 months at the most”, to, “the war will pay for

itself!”, to, “We confrim they have WMD’s”. Quite a ‘low lights list’

(Rummy kick)

This takes serious balls, let alone the actual criticism is ‘laughable’

on its face. W BUSH nor RUMMY could get the “Status of Forces”

agreements until 2009. Guess, he is calling W. Bush lower than a

“trained Ape”. And, ohhhhhhhhhh how that’s such a “dog whistle”

bigoted comment right there. Meh, criticism from the worst SOD

in US history should be worn as a badge of honor. And no one will

ever take him seriously again, ever. Just sit down old man, nappy

time is coming. For a lying evil sack of shit maybe sit this one out

Tomorrow: Immigration Push, & Sunnie At Timberlake School

Have a day!

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