What if you heard a bunching of kids singing a nice little chant?

“Engine, engine number nine, going down the Chicago Blue Line,
should the engine jump the track, do you want your money back?”

(holy shit!)

Well, it happened for ‘reals’, & it’s not funny at all. The Chicago

Blue Line headed to O’Hare headed INTO O’Hare, up the stairs

and off the tracks. It seems, we had a conductor “Asleep” at the

wheel. The CTA said “he may have dozed off”. Really?!? Really?!

You sure about that?!? Well NO SHIT she DID. Not many of the

conductors run a train through the final stop up stairs. The good

news? No one was killed, so that rocks. But plenty of people had

injuries. The driver was a good driver, but always worked “Over


Time”. It is a sad state of affairs, that SO many, must work until

they fall asleep, just to pay the bills. This all happened at 3am in

the morning. Any later at 7:30, & this would have been a horror

show like no other. Wow, just wow. Wild times, & glad it is over

On public, don’t fall into a zone, anything can happen anytime!

FOX Thinks Obama Needs Missing Jet Story

We have some sad, bad news about MH370. It appears that the

jet exploded, or “crashed” into the Indian ocean. This is terrible

(We know)

They haven’t found all the pieces of the plane, & I hope they do

Those poor family needs closure, & an end this nightmare. The

one question I have is how they came to this conclusion so late

I will keep tabs on this, & any news I will pass along. But, what

did FOX have to say about this terrible event?!? Oh, right, they

tried to tie it back to Obama, “Benghazi”, & “IRS”. Holy fucking

batshitcrazyinsanelyingfuckholes! This is when the “Partisanly

Insane” shocks you. Bill’O decided to chide other networks like


CNN for not covering Benghazi, or the IRS(which have all been

covered to death) in favor of the missing plane with this “gem”:

“when media begins to pander to the audience
and fabricate things, then there is a problem.”

The “projection” has landed!!! Yes buddy, that’s the main entire

existence of you & FOX. Lie, Lie bigger, lie Even Bigger, then go

try “shocking yourself” with new dazzling heights of nuts insane

If ya ever wondered if FOX could outdo their utter partisan hate

insanity, the answer is now “Yes”. Meh they top that pretty soon

Have a day!

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