I know, I said I’d never mention Glenn Beck again, but this

is simply a perfect example of today’s detached lazy & lying

(deranged clown)

Conservative Libertarian. Glenn sent out a “Tea Turd Party”

mailer to elect these bigoted, lying, plutocrat blow job kings

While ‘we agree’ Mitch McConnell is an establishment RINO

Glenn wants Kentucky to go farther right into “discobatshit

crazyland” voting Tea Turd Party. Um, when you do that, it

might help to spell the name of the place you’re going to be:

“Matt Kibbe, Deneen Borelli, Andrew Wilkow, & the
Rev. CL Bryant are coming to Lousiville with me.”

Are they Glenn?!?! Really?! You think there’s a place called:

“Lousiville”? I know it’s a simple typo, I know it’s also not a

(you’re trying)

big deal. I make typo’s here all the time. But I’m a comedian

not a man sending out messages all for that FreedomWorks

trying getting low information voters to go against their own

interests. After all, that grass roots top 2% funded superPAC

really cares about you, right?! Fuck no & when you’re asking

for a vote to run governance, the least you can do is run spell

checker for once in your fucking lying, hateful lives. Fidiots!

MSNBC’s Toure Hillary Boner

There is a ‘talking head’ on Phil Griffins money making, Pro-

Wrestling version of the “left” went on a terrible ‘rant’ on the


Cycle. His name is Toure, & his “argument” for Democrats is

to pick a Corporatist Candidate in Hillary, over a progressive

one like “Elizabeth Warren”. Yes, it would be nice to have an

FDR, instead of a female ‘Wall Street Reagan Lite’. If you are

going to be damned, be damned exactly for who you ARE, do

not pretend to be shit that is massively disliked. The issue is

the American people WANT what the Democrats are selling!

But they aren’t enacting enough. R’s hate but they’re pussies,

allowing the lobbyists/Corporate whores donors to SET their

(use to be Republicans)

fucking agenda. They WIN on the policies, but you can’t win

shit if you are scared to enact your own fucking views on our

citizenry. Toure, you seem like a nice person, but you’re not

anywhere near reality on this. This is sooooooooo fucked up

I agree with many things you says but not this ‘horseshit lie’

Policy wins, BS doesn’t…unless that’s all that matters to him

Something funny to think about. Mitt Romney is ‘really’ just

R-Money(Republican money). So if the Democratic party is

the same on the left; one is openly evil, the other a big pussy


pretending to be for citizens, while doing a ‘Republican Lite’

You people need a smack with a lady yellin’ “Snap out of it!”

Have a day!

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