What if I told you that South Dakota Republican state Sen. Phil Jensen

offered up a new bill called SB 128. The bill would would let companies

(“I’m a racist cunt”)

discriminate against LGBT people, but also let businesses owners in the

Ku Klux Klan refuse service to African-Americans. Neato!!!!!! Well, this

guy is on on the pulse of Merica! Wait did I say ‘on the pulse of Merica’?

I meant “a gutless racist fart locker way too typical in the far right today”

Won’t someone just think of the bigots rights, which are to deny others

rights?!?!?! Jeeeeeeeebus they’re all fucking dumber than a sack of wet

hammers. The bill was struck down by a vote of 5-2. Who, were the two

that voted “Yes”?!?! Valid Putin and David Duke?!?!! Zing! Shit, they’re


getting “really lazy” now. I remember when they just talked tax cuts or

other “Code” to abuse minorities. Forget that statistically is hurts poor

white southern red states the most since they’re 9 of the top 10 welfare

users in the country. They also pay the least in the tax dollars. Shocker!

The wheels came off long ago for them. It is statistically all over for em

Putin On The Brakes?!?!

They had an election, where 97% of people wanted to join Russia. Wow

97% sounds like a lot. In facts, in ‘modern history’ I haven’t ever seen it

(creeping out the horse)

Maybe because many people in the Ukraine didn’t vote for fear of dying

Nothing like the old, “you can vote, but do it around these soldiers who

will be standing next to you with loaded guns. Ohhhhhhhh no pressure

If Valid goes in using force, the entire world now views him as the bully

& will ‘castigate him’. He also just made a martyr of them for the whole

world to rally behind. He most likely will pump his brakes. He already

took/stole/bullied the entire election. No need to fuck things up worse

Meh, it’s sooooooooo fucking gross the entire right of today thinks he’s

a “man’s man” as a brutal hard fistted dictator. But that’s really what is

left in the entire right wing today. Fascists mixed with bigots and some

Theocratic Merican Taliban. Not a very “big tent” right there. OUCHY!

When you got FOX & Republican’s loving Putin, the world turned crazy

Now for something completely different. Here’s the funny pic of the day

(1 & 1/2 IQ points)

Monday: Glenn Beck Can’t Spell, & The MSNBC Toure Nonsense Lies

Have a day!

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