An airplane vanishes out of thin air so what the fuck happened then?

With shit like this you wait til the best available facts are in to tell em

(uh, where are you?)

Here’s what we all know today: the “transponder” was manually shut

off, in order to “do that” someone in the cockpit would have to turn a

knob with ‘multiple selections’ while pressing down at the same time,

the ACARS (Aircraft communication addressing & reporting system)

was also shut off, & no one knows anything about anything right now

This appears to clearly be a hijacked plane, but we don’t know who or

why, or where the fuck it is. It appears to also be a) inside job, or b) it

is either airpirates wanting ransom, the cargo, or plane, or something

more. Either way, the crew that did this knew exactly what to hit, and

how to do everything. Even a gun can’t get you to do that since all the

(“Wha happen?!?!”)

pilots could just trick them. Inside job is my best guess. Also because

the air traffic controllers, & everyone else magically have no clue now

Remember this, on a Boeing 777, there are 3 backups to the backups!

You think they want law suits coming at them?!?! Hell no. More soon

And much love to the families waiting to hear. This is “sheer torture”

Fred “Hate Machine” Phelps Nears “Checkout Time”

Goodnight Room, Goodnight Moon, & Goodnight Mr. Looney Tunes

Fred Phelps is dying. He will be gone soon & the world will march on


His hate will be gone, left to those soulless minions still spewing hate

Some say, “let’s protest that fucker like he did to others”. No, after all

two wrong do not make a right, but two Wrights make one ‘hell’ of an

Airplane. For the sad people still around you won’t effect them in the

least. In fact, if you show up or don’t it doesn’t register to them. They

only seek one thing, ‘attention’. Deny them that, you deny their goals

And the ‘history’ of Fred is amazing. He was actually a, “Civil Rights”

leader helping black people during the, “Jim Crow segregation laws”

Odd, he clearly snapped with society or his “friends” abusing him so

(very nice)

badly. Meh, it was a sad, tiny, hateful man, who’s hating time is ova!

Tomorrow: Vlad Putin Says “Crimea A River” To Big Voting Joke

Have a day!

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