Candy Canes…

December 20th, 2013

Are they sugary fun holiday treats, or deadly murder weapons?!?!?!

Only YOU can decide!!! I so feel like all “news channels” around the

(stab, stab, stab)

holiday’s freak the fuck out yelling silly shit like, “Will Santa Clause

skip you this year even when you were good!?!?”. Who does that?!?

A group of “talentless loud assholes with nothing factual to tell you”

That’s who. They just don’t get that most media never do their jobs

And they spend all the time talking about shit that “doesn’t matter”

(the best news team!)

Go see Anchor Man 2 like me. At least I know they’re doing it right

After Monday I will be off for the Holiday’s. Rock yours, much love!

Have a weekend!

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