Who loses in the new bipartisan budget deal?!?!? Well, the little guys

As usual. the Democrats caved giving Republican’s most the austerity

(you mean, “suck it”)

cuts they wanted(unemployment, & tightens the Medicaid eligibility)

What did the Democrats get? A fist full of knuckles. Way to go guys!!!

Brilliant brinksmanship. They hand the screaming children, ALL the

shit they wanted. Did they cut corporate tax breaks/loop holes? Nope

How about raise corporate taxes? Nope. How about oil subsidies?!?!

Awwwwww hells no! Well, the top 3% get the coalmine, & the rest of

us get the shaft…as usual. So what did D-Nancy Pelosi have to say on

the deal? Oh yeah, “embrace the suck”. Listen up lady, when the most

(“Ok, you suck”)

positive message you offer is; “taking it in the dirt button can be fun”,

we got a real serious problem here. Maybe she’s been snorting Botox

or drinking so much she accidentally told the entire public the “truth”

Republican’s are “sociopaths serving the top 3%” & Dems are pussies

FOX Flips The Fuck Out At “Beer Can Festivus Pole”

FOX has totally become the old man shaking his fist on his lawn now

They only have 2 main modes: 1) insane fake outrage, & 2) living in a

(mouth farting)

fantasy land lying to their viewers. This covers both pretty damn well

The “Nutjobs” at FOX decided it is unacceptable for a Florida capitol

to now display, a “Beer Can Festivus Pole”. They’re outraged dammit

At a season based on pagan views, & about a fuckin’ fat fiction named

Santa(sorry Billy, I know you still believe). They are such insane nuts;

and it keeps getting dumber by the second. If they were weather, it’d

(big, fuckin, deal)

be “partly stupid, w/a 100% chance of a FOX babbling dipshit storm”

Soon FOX will start getting outraged at all their own outrage months

in advance, & just keep living in their own bubble of ‘big mouth farts’

My favorite was Gretchen Carlson screaming, “Why do I have to drive

around with my kids….to look for nativity scenes, & be like, “Oh yeah,

kids, look there’s baby Jesus……behind the Festivus pole made out of

beer cans”, it’s nuts”. Yes it is. Try this on for size, “I do not really care

what you do, they’re your shitty snotty stupid kids”. The great “irony”

(“Oh just STFU”)

here is them screaming, “You can’t put up anything else” when they’re

the one’s screaming, “How dare you not put up a manger right now!!!”

ignorance, & hypocrisy are their best weapon against reality nowadays

RIP Peter O’Toole

Brilliant actor Peter O’Toole, “passed away” yesterday. He lived to the

old age of 81. He was “Lawrence Of Arabia” man. He did some amazing

(“Sand in my undies”)

films in his life. One of my hidden gems is a movie called Club Paradise

It’s a must get for you tonight if you want to honor him. Thank me later

Tomorrow: Santa Clause & Jesus are both white says Megyn Kelly

Have a day!

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