If you ever watched Anchorman, you remember the part when the

guys were all talking to Fred Willard’s character Ed Harkin. Then,

(No you don’t)

Brick hits the desk to yell, “Loud noises!!!!!!!!!!!”. Republican loud

mouth gas bag John Shimkus, wanted to make political theater, by

trying to yell at/over Health & Human Services Secretary Kathleen

Sebelius to “get her”. As usual, our Brick Tamland was in full effect

He kept yelling at her, not letting her answer his questions all here

He asked, “is the preventative care free?”. And she explained, “The

consumer will not pay any additional co-pay or charge”. Then….he

(“I won’t listen!”)

kept talking over her, & asked her the same question again. She so

explained it to him that “insurance companies would like to pay for

a tooth brush & paste, rather than pay for massive cavity work and

all the dental damage or oral surgery. They happily pick it up, and

avoid the bigger bill, then write it all off on their taxes”. So then my

favorite gem popped up. The loud mess spewed, “We’re just gonna

agree to disagree. It’s like talking to ah…..the Republic of Korea or

something”. Except it DOES have an answer, BUT he doesn’t care

(hey dumbfuck)

Oh, & the Republic of Korea is SOUTH Korea…..our fucking ALLY

After my years of covering Tea Party idiots, I speak “Moron”. What

he meant was the Dictatorial North Korea, with Kin Jong Un. BUT

they always show, how monumentally STUPID they are every time

TeaOP thanks for the laughs. Now get out of the way, we got some

work to do. And your fuck ups AGAIN, have given us much MORE

Have a weekend!

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