The Evil “Hand Shake”?!?!

December 11th, 2013

During a ceremony remembering the great life of Nelson Mandela

Obama said hello to everyone in their area, & that included Cuban

(“Oh, tiny hands!”)

President ‘Raul Castro’. Just like everyone did, since it is a funeral

type event. Oh so clearly this is an event to celebrate the life of one

man who sought to bring us all together, so the right decides, “Yes

let’s use the opportunity to tear us all appear with silly non-sense”

The entire right “freaked the fuck out!”, along with CNN & media

outlets. But why? Oh well they don’t report real news. They invent

fantasy, then shout, “Who can really tell what the truth is?!?! Our

job isn’t to report facts, or tell you the truth. That’s the job of our

(oh yeah, right)

comedians these days. All we do is fucking throw shit at the wall”

McCain threw in Goodwin’s Law for sport by saying, “Why should

you shake hands with somebody who’s keeps Americans in prison?

I mean, what’s the point?”, ending with this gem-o-rama, “Neville

Chamberlain shook hands with Hitler”. Ohhhhhhhh for fucks sake

Geeeeeeee, I wonder if their is a picture of McCain shaking hands

with a cruel dictator!? If it’s a TeaOP’er, & they say something SO

very stupid, you can bet they’re hypocrites on it. Boom!!!!! I guess

“old man winter” is senile now, & forgot taking this picture with a


Col. Muammar Qaddafi together in ’09? As usual, it didn’t mean

a fucking thing. Just the US, trying to reach out using diplomacy

But how the older farts still love their hypocrisy. Oh & forget that

Rummy shook hands with Saddam, Nixon with Fidel, & W Bush

kissing a Saudi Prince. It is not a big deal at all. But when all the

TeaOP can’t govern & are the worst “do-nothing” congress in our

modern history, they just want to distract from their shit record

Meh all the current polls do not look good for the TeaOP. Ooops

Have a day!

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