If one person jumps 5 feet, and another ‘4 inches, they did not jump

the same height. But don’t tell that to FOX, or any Republican today

(No, not =)

In all cases, they jumped the exact same, and all things are always =

No they’re not. Not now, not ever. It’s called the “False Equivalency”

game or “both sides do it!”. If I have a cereal killer, who killed 89, &

a guy arrested for assault & battery, the media will shout, “Hey look,

BOTH sides do it, it’s totally equal”. Over the weekend, one of the 2

balcony old fart Muppets in Ken Langone asked D-Steny Hoyer this

“There are extremists on the Republican Party. And if
you want me to throw out a name, I will. How about
you throwing out a name of an extremist in your party?”

To this shit, Democratic house member Hoyer responded by saying:

“I don’t think there are any extremists in my party”

Then Home Depot Muppet Statler decided to throw up his hands big:

“What more can I say. The other guys are the bad guys & we’re the good”

Ding! What does he win for playing the false equivalency game Jack?!

While there are “corporatist whore” Dems, & some who suck the dong

of Wall Street, and yet some others are very spineless, the ‘Democrats’

don’t have people unwilling to govern, shutting down an entire country

and obstructing every single thing. Meh, the old fart will be dying soon

And then this Home Depot co-founder ignorance dies with him. I’m so

sick of saying all things are equal. They are not. Only sociopaths want

(“you people are insane”)

that to be true, so when they kill MORE they still feel justified about it

Hoyers response was measured, accurate, and cut to the very core here

“We took the Republican number of sequester. We didn’t like that number,
But we also understood that you got to move the government forward”

The bottom line is partisan insane sociopaths like Ken, want their way

ALL THE TIME. They want “heads I win, tails you lose”. And they ALL

hate the “uppity ni**er in the white house”. If they win an election, they

scream, “Shut up & do what I want, it’s a mandate”. When they lose an

election (like they will be doing for the next 50 years) they’ll bluster, “I

will not compromise or work with you at all, so fuck off. We do, what I

want, or you can go eat shit”. It’s a sociopathic ID driven Ayn Randian

(pretty much)

child. What they is need a ‘time-out’, & politically they will be getting it

Tomorrow: Nelson Mandela Smeared By The Right Wing Lunatics

Have a day!

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