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It seems Ted Cruz is now “Cruising” for the racist voter. Wait, did I say “seems”? It is all they have left in the entire party, & they are (most punchable face) all dying by the day. “Cruzy” stood up, in front of the “older white guys of America” the Heritage Foundation to spew this […]

The Secret To Fantasy Football…

September 13th, 2013

is looking at the match-ups, & don’t leave points on your bench (oddly like the Browns) Oh, that and pretty much just don’t suckballs real bad that week In other words, calculated guessing. Tried to start Eddie George at running back & it said, “Since you’re clearly high as ALL fuck you should really share […]

Weiner Finger, & Fixing Stupid…

September 12th, 2013

Let me 1st quote 80’s songster Eric Carmen’s ditty “Hungry Eyes” (I sing pretty) I feel the magic between you and I; I’ve got hungry eyes Now I’ve got you in my sights, With those hungry eyes Now did I take you by surprise, don’t put baby in a corner Tony “Carlos Dangers” Weiner’s career […]

Here is something pretty funny. John Kerry, our big Secretary of State accidentally “stumbled into a solution” via Russia the other day from a (Whaaaaaaaaaa?) reporters question. Russia agreed to step in helping us stop Assad with all the chemical weapons by turning them all over. Mostly because they don’t want any of those weapons […]

The New 3 Stooges Speak…

September 10th, 2013

If you asked a really dumb 3rd grader their opinion on Egypt, THIS is most likely what you’d get. In fairness, most ‘average’ 3rd graders (3 morons) know more than King, Bachmann, & Louie, but that’s not important Aside from getting factually wrong statements like, “We’ve seen the threat that the Muslim Brotherhood posed……we stand […]

Limp Boehner, & Zimmy Busted

September 9th, 2013

John Boehner has a “big gavel”, but he’s so badly afraid to use it (“Screaming children. listen!”) turns out, it’s just one big rattle to throw temper tantrums, & it like an older impotent guy’s wenis…pretty useless. He has to be the ruler of crazy insane screaming kids, and it’s a job he might not […]

Shit, It’s September?!?!

September 6th, 2013

I mean, wow. Time really flies when you’re a meth dealer (True) The summer just totally “tweeked” by for me…and others *John rubs his nose & teeth that are now stained yellow* Woooooooooooo, let’s all do some jumping jacks then cry And just think, Football season’s now totally here Sunday (How cute) *Meth lab explodes […]

Poker Face & Siri Syria?!?

September 5th, 2013

It seems like Republican’s don’t really “Know what the SHIT is going on in Syria”, let alone able to find it on a map. So we had (jazz hands) a hearing on it, where they could ask really stupid partisan dick questions, without any merit at all. Kerry listened, was short on specifics, but stuck […]

The Talking Skeleton’s BS…

September 4th, 2013

It seems Pat Robertson only has two modes these days: Crazy, & Batshitcraszy Supreme. This falls into the 2nd (“What, who are you?!?!”) Patty Fakes thinks “the gays” have these “aids rings” to shake hands with straight people to give them aids. Oh that makes sense. Surly Pat has evidence of this?!?! Oh he does, […]

Things in Syria are heating up, & that’s a very tricky thing all over there. You have a LOT of ‘moving parts’, trying to under- (yes, peace indeed) stand all the various intentions of the specific rebels, and also that Assad used “Chemical Weapons” against his own people The revolutionaries, for the most part, are […]

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