The Supreme Court, AKA “The Black Robed Oracles” is taking

on the issue of gay marriage. It’s pretty much over, and we all


know it. Now, it’s just for the 30% of whack-a-loons to accept

it. They will, as all things in our country have progressed. The

same loud morons blurted, “Let’s stay with England”, or “But

I want to keep my slaves”, or “Women have no voting rights”

or “black people can’t come in MY store”, or “gays are icky &

they’re all ruining my marriage but can’t show/tell you how”


This too shall pass. It’s such a fucking non-issue. Ask anyone

today, & it’s a non-issue. My niece Skylar, who I think is my

favorite of kid in the world, could care less. She’s colorblind

to others, and only see’s people based on the the content of

their character. She’s 13 years old. All the folks 40 and under

don’t care. Hell, even go 55 & under. THEY DON’T CARE!!!

(I knew it!)

The courts will explain to all the religious “nutters” the legal

precedent of “standing”. Which pretty much means, that “if

you’re not directly effected by the ruling….you have no case”

With the Supreme Court hearing all “oral arguments” on gay

marriage, buckle up for all the instant blow job jokes on TV

Have a day!

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