When will someone think of the damn rapists feelings?!?!

No need to wait anymore. The 2 football teens Trent Mays,

(I suck ass)

17, and Ma’lik Richmond, 16, from Ohio were sentenced to

a minimum of 2 years in a juvenile correctional facility, &

Richmond got 1 year. They both must now be registered as

sex offenders. So how did CNN handle all the coverage???

They focused all their coverage on how this verdict would

(“Think of the rapists!!!”)

effect the lives of the two guilty boys, not the victim once

they sympathized & took great care to talk of them crying

and how their “lives were being destroyed”. WTF?!?!?!?!?

Um, just a thought, HOW ABOUT THE FUCKING GIRL?

Jeeeez, it’s a tone deaf sad stupid coverage by a normally

good Candy Crowley. The other’s name is Poppy Harlow

(don’t brag?)

Poppy? Wasn’t that the Seinfeld character who forgot to

wash his hands? Yes,and here’s to forgetting about CNN

Gun Control Schmun Control

The bill for actual gun control is dead. But “why” you ask?

Pretty simple; the Republican AND Democrats are BOTH

(Dems suck too on this)

the NRA’s bitches. Period. And Harry Reid is mega pussy

Period. Hey Senate Democrats, “you-fucking-suck-balls”

They are the NRA’s little bitches. 92% of American’s did

want Universal Background checks. Nope!!! 75% wanted

a ban on high capacity clips(50-100= drums). Nope!!!!!!


And 65% wanted an assault weapons ban. NOPE. So you

see? Fuck us, we don’t matter. It’s not a Democracy now

it’s “votes for $” bitches. And they just don’t fucking care

Have a day!

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