CPAC, Comedy Gold!

March 19th, 2013

The Republican party has decided to go Tropic Thunder “full retard”

(They went)

But what did CPAC(Conservative Political Action Committee) have?!

They had Rand, Palin, Rubio, & Rience. AKA…..the usual Clown Car

But the highlight of the weekend was at the, “Trump The Race Card”

event. 30 year old Scott Terry asked the panel, “would Republican’s

endorse races remaining separate but equal”. As the black presenter

(Bigot Voices?!?!)

Carl Smith, answered referencing a letter by Frederick Douglass for

forgiving his former master, Terry said, “For what? For feeding him

& housing him?”. He went on “why can’t we just have segregation,”

Holy fucking super duper disco mega racist dumbfuck anal leakage

Well, at least the GOP racists are getting REALLY overt about it all

(Confederate t-shirt?)

And the long slide down the stinky, political toilet ends in the sewer

Clearly the GOP won’t ever recover in the next 25-30 years with this

And do you think they care? The answer is pretty simple……..NOPE

Sorry I’ve been away long. Busy with some new stuff, which is good

Have a day!

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