Where the good lord split ya. It’s amazing how stupid some people are

Today’s Republican policy: demonize “fat cat” teachers, fireman, cops


and all hard working middle class hard union people as evil parasites

With their fancy ass 02 rusty Honda Accord making $32 grand a year

All so they can take the $ they use, and then give tax cuts to the top 3%


Then they think they can fucking win on that premise? Those are some

Seriously fucking big balls. What catagory 5 moron would vote against

their own interests? Not many. Well sure Koch brothers’ll pump in $ to

Muddy the waters confusing stupid people. But chances are those total

(Nice lid)

Idiots already vote Republican anyhow as turd low information voters

Who is going to vote for you people? You pissed off Hispanics, women,

Latino’s, immigrants, black people, students, economists, the media, &

Gay people. All you have left is the top 3% people you gave big tax cuts


And scared older white people voting against their own interests. Wow

June 5th is not going to be a good day for you, but earned every bit of

The voters scorn. Will the GOP learn? As Joe Wilson once said, “Hell no”

Five Things Not To Say While Out This Weekend

The social world can be a pretty complex place at times. But we all know

When to say something, and when not too. Here’s a list of things not to


Say while hanging out this weekend. Take it from me, I said em before:

1-You looked so much thinner on your facebook page
2-This drink could really use some more feces & urine
3-While it’s fun hanging out, I should spend more time with people I like
4-Even though I shit my pants 27 minutes ago, no one noticed the smell
5-Hold this switchblade. If anyone asks, I was with you all weekend

Have a weekend!

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