Here Comes The Judges…

March 29th, 2012

Turns out republican think Obamacare is unconstitutional now. And the

Supreme Court is now hearing the case to decide if it stands, changes a

(I fix you)

Little, still keeping some, or they ditch it all together. I’d say they’re

A lot late on this since it passed in March of 2010, but I guess anger is

Always high for asshole who want to tell the rest of America to go screw

Some call it Obamacare, or Obamascare, Obumerdare, or Odumbershare

(Oh no, alien rapist evil ass)

They are idiots, morons, & low information voters. Why? Because they

Always vote against their own interests. Meh, let idiots be fucking idiots

My guess is that is all stands because it’s Bob Dole, a Republican’s old

Idea. Not a single payer. The entire Republican party lost their minds

Zimmerman Sham Cam

Remember when I said the truth would out itself about Trayvon’s death?

Well it’s happening. More will come, but this video in the police station

Shows Zimmerman with no visible broken nose, blood, or scrapes on his

(No broken nose)

Head. That’s pretty bad, because it directly contradicts his version of the

Events. If someone breaks your nose, bashes your head on the concrete

To where you fear for your life, you have very visible evidence of it on the

(Al Sharpton fun!)

Head. Here you see none. Nada. Nothing. The guy, his father, friends, &

Most important, the police from Standford FL are all acting like a clumsy

Fat kid on ice skates. They are all going down hard. Its all comeuppance…

Have a day!

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