Herman Cain, Hunger Shames

March 26th, 2012

I’m back baby! And just so ready to rock it like Don Dokken…

The entire Republican party today has become one big sketch

(Wake up)

That never ends, keeps topping the previous one, & on a loop

Herman Palin, I mean Cain, decided to put this ad out there

It’s of a little girl putting a bunny in a catapult, & saying that,

(No wings, shouldn’t be flying)

“This is small business under the current tax code”, then she

Launches it. At that point, another man with a shot gun shoots

This cartoon version of the bunny out of the air. The little girls

(Yummy flavor)

now ends it with, “Any questions?”, then repeats this line twice

At this point, Herman Cain appears standing on a cliff with an

Overcast sky, hands in his pocket, & with SOS(sick of stimulus)

Appearing as a logo above him in $ font. Holy fucking shit balls

(Nuttier than cashews)

I guess Herman’s new economic plan is, “Skeet Bunny Shooting”

In fairness, he picked it over “taxing air” & “Underwater Lawyers”

With all his sex scandal’s, it’s ironically fitting he chose a rabbit

He should’ve shot a pizza, it would of at least made more sense

(True, very true)

Poor Cain is about as relevant as ads for the film Water World

After this I sorta realize something; I miss Perry & Cain’s style

Of craziness. They have the market cornered on batshitinsane

I Thought…

The Hunger Games was about 6ft tall teen models who weigh

73lbs. Was happily surprised it’s just kids fighting to the death

(And it shrank in the wash)

After watching the entire movie, & it’s good, I’m pretty damn

Convinced any wound can be fixed with duct tape & Neosporin

And all new movie trailers now come with the Inception music

Vacation was awesome, but now I’m rested & ready to bring it

Have a day!

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