Turns out an Idaho Republican thinks that a doctor, who is

Examining a women after being raped, should do 1 of 3 things:

(Chuck Winder & dinned her)

1) Comfort the patient, perform an exam, secure evidence
2) Be professional gathering evidence of a crime, but detached
3) Ask, “You sure the baby’s the rapists baby & not your lovers?”

Chuck Winder of Boise, ID thought #3 was the right way to go

He said when a women goes into a doctor for rape, the doctor

Should now ask her if this pregnancy was “caused by normal
relations in a marriage, or if it was truly caused by the rape”

(Oh for shits sake)

Holy crap Republican’s. I mean fucking really? No, REALLY?

Granted this is one guy, but their party is way outta touch on

Woman’s issues. Guess their new mantra is “Hey gumberment

(The facts speak for themselves)

Stay out of all our lives; unless it’s abortion, all contraceptives,

corporate welfare, tax loopholes, deregulation, gay marriage,

Our social security, Medicare, oil pipelines, our entire active

Standing military, or Enforcing second amendment rights, &

(Nice mug)

all other rights we have on the books. Then it’s awesome. I’d

Say this is a new low for Republican law makers…but they

Always seem to find a way to top themselves. That is sad

Speaking Of Oil, Keystone Turdhole Obama

He folded like a coked up origami expert. Like superman on

Laundry day. Obama fast tracked the southern portion of the

(Hilary still looks pissed)

Keystone pipeline. Why? Because it was a big oil give-away

To Republicans. That’s why. In the end, the oil TransCanada

Pulls up from the Canadian sand lots, then sends to to Texas

(But, I made a sign)

To be made into oil. Then it goes to China at a mark up. All

We get is to watch the Texas Oil company line their pockets

Getting free land, a free permit, & a pipeline paid by Canada

No permanent jobs, TransCanada will staff the line, so none

(Big oil vs. average American)

On the line either. Only construction which is around 2,500

Temp jobs. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Fidots, the lot of you…

I’m traveling until Monday, so walk around & enjoy the past

Articles, farts, jokes, and general childlike stupidity that’s me

Have a day!

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