Wow, now the nut Republican’s have officially done it all

They just came out with a new budget, that basically cuts

(This is full of shit)

It all out: Medicare, student loans, food stamps, & welfare

Translation: Let’s lump our economic woes on the backs

Of the poor, middle class, & workers of our fine Country,

(That’s right, fuck the poor!)

While at the same time extending tax cuts for the top 3%

You see, tax cuts just don’t pay for themselves nowadays

We must cut cut cut spending giving that $ to people who

(Wait, what?)

Clearly don’t need it, or put enough back into the economy

It’s what I’ve been saying here the entire time. It is called

Reverse Robinhood Economics, & it has been crippling our

(Cough it up poor people!)

Income gap for well over 40 years. The GOP robs from the

Poor/Middle Class, and than gives to the top 3% in tax cuts

Well no more assholes. Ride’s over, the great Oz is exposed

(“Get the fuck out”)

People in our country see this, & clearly know who the GOP

Stands with policy wise. The top 3% & corporations. Nope

Not anymore. November’ll be historically bad for the GOP

Have a day!

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