Or as the rest of us call it, St. Patrick’s Day. It was Saturday

(It’s “Irish Yoga”)

It was fun, people were drunk by 9am, & crippled people all

Looked more sober then the crazy staggers all over the city

Overheard was “Pappy St. Hatricks Day!” after a girl puked


River was dyed green, so was the beer. Which means folks

Pee was green, & don’t even get me started on their #2’s

2012 Republican Bumper Sticker Seen…

For the racist in you, or for that closet racist in your family

(Oh for shit sakes)

For those that can’t read this, it says, “Don’t Re-nig.    Stop
Repeat offenders.   Don’t re-elect Obama!”. Wow that’s sad

Oh, it must be the KKK’s new “Bumper Stickers For Bigots”


Program I’ve intentionally heard nothing about. Who sells

These sticky hate turds on racist-mobiles? Stumpy’s Stickers

But that’s only who came up with them, who’s selling em now?

(Their site is down now. Odd)

Paula Smith at She just found it on their

Website and, now get this, thought “it was cute”. Oh yesssssss

Those cute cuddly precious bigoted racist stickers. Wonderful

(Stupid & proud of it)

When Forbes pressed her on if she thought the “N word” was

Offensive at all she said, “No”. Then ended with this lil’ gem:

“Obama is not even black. He’s got a mixture of race. It’s his
choice of what his nationality is”. Holy fucking shit shit shit

There’s dumb, there’s racist, & there’s lazy hateful stupid. This

(Well no shit

Insanely hurtful shrew has all three. She hit the Racist Trifecta

It used to be racists had the gift of shame. Now even that’s out

The window in today’s xenophobic hate machine GOP. Here’s

The good news: now you will know who to always avoid by the

(Possibly not a porn star)

Shit they put on the back of their car. It isn’t discourse, this is

Racism & bigoted hate straight up. It’s also squarely attached

To the GOP. They’re stoking it, using it, & it’s gonna get worse

But let’s remember, it was always about “his policies” right? No

(It is now)

When people say, “But it’s freedom of speech”, yes it’s that too

But it’s also fucking racism, & you don’t get to pretend it’s not

Peyton Manning Is Now A…

*Big Drum roll here please*

Denver Bronco! Which means, so long Tim Tebow, see ya lata

(You took my job dick)

God boy just was told to “hit the showers” by Jesus, & a GM

Where will Tim go? Who knows, but baby Jesus is comin too

Have a day!

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