21 Joke Street

March 16th, 2012

Wow, this movie looks about as exciting as getting a rectal exam

Shit, the original show wasn’t that good. It had Richard Grieco

(Ohhhh, a blow job joke)

The only reason this got made was two words: Johnny Depp…

That & “The 1st Skinny Jonah Hill movie” so it must be awesome

Um, I’m gonna pretend like it’s 3rd and 21, so I’m going to pass…

Bill O’Reilly Needs Asbestos Pants

This is not news. Never has been. The guy lies like a Persian rug

FOX will not let go of Sandra Fluke. Why is that? Well it’s GOP

(Idiot machine)

1, 2, 3. If someone with gravitas comes forward, & states a truth

And the core truth conflicts with their personal beliefs in any way

They must now publicly burn them at the stake, ridicule them, &

(“Fuck off, I’m not grouchy”)

Just plan old “make shit up” in an attempt to silence the message

This was never about Birth-control for sex. They just never listen

It was about a woman standing up for her friend who had a cyst

(“Listen to my actual words”)

On her ovary, & studies proved birth-control could help it regress

But ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hells no. It’s all about “fucking on my $”



It’s YOUR insurance that YOU pay for. Not government money

O’Reilly then decides to make the silly claim that she’s “wealthy

enough” to afford her OWN birth control. IDIOT. It’s not about

(My sexual harassment thing?)

Paying for birthcontrol. It is about all the insurance companies

COVERING it on an individuals plan, even for a religious school

Jeeeeeeeeees shit balls you people are not only stupid, you’re evil

Lying duplicitous bastards incapable of LISTENING to any facts

(His child spawn)

You live in a world where facts seem to be life threatening to you

Facts don’t pick sides. Facts aren’t Republican or Democrat. They

Just are. Unless you live in crazy bubbled FOX world where only

Facts that support my views are real. The rest are…well subjective

Today Is One Of My Niece’s Graduation

She is now passing into adulthood, so now the gloves come off…

No more training wheels kid. It’s a tough world out there, and

(Look at the pullout)

If you’re not ready for it, open to new things, & respectful of it

You’ll get knocked the fuck out. That & remember to be cool

When the road gets rocky. Be cool. When the times are great

(I took a Wikileak)

Don’t gloat, be cool. When things look darkest, be cool. Cause

When you’re not cool, the world will put you on your ass fast

It’s a jungle out there, so learn to respect it & hunt, or ur done

Have a weekend!

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