Rod Blagojevich, Fat-Free, John Carter, the GOP candidates

(Hey, wait a second)

The Republican field sort of looks like all the rejects from…

“I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here”. It’s like the P-listers

Instead of D-listers. I just sort of feel bad for them. They do

(“So I took the strippers tits…”)

Try hard, but have nothing to run on except “God”, “The gays

Are going to kill us”, “Fear black people”, or “Women r stupid”

When you listen to the current crop of GOP voters, it sort of

(Oh shit)

Sounds like a conversation near a carny tent with methheads

It’s not good. It’s just sad, & normal people are turned off…

So How Was YOUR Day?

After that letter was written by Greg Smith of Goldman Sachs

The company lost $2.2 billion. Yeowsh. There’s putting your


Money where you mouth is, then there’s this money Cliff dive

I say bout time. Finally, when bad people do really fucking bad

Things they have to pay for it. Comeuppence served nice-n-hot

You don’t like it, try not being a lying cocksucker then. Simple

Have a day!

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