Pssssh, even from the grave Andrew Breitbart is a bigoted douche

He “promised videos” of Obama’s big radical college days at Harvard

Which ends up sorta like a faulty stick of dynamite. A fat, loud…dud

It’s Obama intro of the dead respected Harvard Professor Derrick Bell

Breitbart said, “Oh, I’ve got video’s by the way, this election we’re going
to vet him. I’ve got videos. This election we’re going to vet him. From
his college days to show you, why, to show you why racial division and
class warfare are central to what hope and change was sold in 2008″

The biggest problem here is that it’s not radical, shocking, or even recent

(Don’t drop it)

PBS ran this footage in 2008 as part of The Choice 2008. Um, Frontline

Ran the same footage of the speech showing his Harvard Law school time

PBS’s Andrew Golis said, “It’s been at our site and on YouTube since then”

Breitbart’s editor & chief & current mouth piece Joel Pollak was on CNN

(Yey, a douche puppet!)

He just wanted to pick a fight, smear Obama, & link him to “scary blacks”

Republican’s already ran this “race race” in 08, & it’s time to double down

Stupid always doubles down, especially a bigoted hateful Republican GOP

(Right on time)

They’ll run the same thing as 08 again with 2.0 in 12. Bet you get the exact

Same results or worse. You should just play polka music when ever these

Type of crazy insane jagoffs speak. It’s the only attention that it deserves

(Caught lying many times)

Their party has just become one huge lying hate machine. Now they must

Own it all. It’s dragging them deep into the abyss never to return. RIP GOP

This is what “really desperate” looks like. That & Steven Seagal eating a big

(Hoagie not included)

Hoagie naked for money. Holy fuck the GOP has flown totally off the rails

They nominated Joe “The Plumber” in Ohio for office. It’s the best comedy

Writing a guy could ever ask for. Thanks in advance for all the sold material

The Tea Party-making dumb bigoted older white people look bad since 2009

Have a day!

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