Kevin Federline or Heather Mills (AKA One legged bitch)

Unintelligent and irrelevant since 2008. Bam, pow, zing

(Yep, right on que)

On FOX news for Super Tuesday she voted for Newt balls

After that rambled on trying to put together one sentence

Then tried to throw her hate in a race that keeps blowing

(Quitters always win)

It right back to her face or just lighting it on fire. Sorry bud

Politically you’re like fish, it’s fine for a couple of days, but

Then you start to really stink. She’s as bright as 2 watt bulb


Mr. Mittens Kittens was the big winner with Frothy right behind

*Insert rim shot here*

Zing, pow, bam, boom, zapowie, wombo, zorch, zuum

Have a day!


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