Andrew Breitbart Dies…

March 2nd, 2012

Andrew will get what never gave. The highroad, & compassion

(Nice snuggy)

He had a heart attack early on Thursday morning collapsing…

Irony, he was rushed to Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center

Where he was pronounced dead. This deserves bold compassion

(Wait, whaaaaaaaa?)

Oh it’s not for him. It’s for his wife & his 4 children he left behind

After all, they didn’t do all that hateful lying stupid shit. He did

I don’t feel anything for extended family or friends. They were

(And these people)

Either enablers, or sycophants, or maybe even both. It’s so sad

What he’ll be known for most was lying, spreading hate, & being

A big loud irrational voice screaming “Fire” in a crowded theater

(Gone & forgotten)

He was like Glenn Beck on steroids. The only thing he got right

Was with Anthony Weiner. That’s about it. And when he did…

He douche-a-ly made it all about himself. The rest of his “work”

(Yes, prison for 9th graders)

Was hate, lies, & bigoted partisan political hackery of epic levels

First it was his James O’Keefe edited ACORN “pimping” videos

Then a doctored clip of Shirley Sherrod saying she was a “racist”


He said this of Ted Kennedy’s death: he’s a “duplicitous bastard”

He went on calling him a “prick” & a “big ass motherfucker”, &

A “special pile of human excrement” on his Twitter account…

(Such a classy lad)

I never loudly rejoice at the death of anyone. I’m a human being

I choose not to name call him here, makes you no better than him

However, I don’t mind pointing out all the lies, harm, & hate he

(That explains Carolla)

Habitually did to others while alive. It’s sad, small, & way wrong

They say you reap what you sow. Well, sowing hateful shit didn’t

Reap anything but more hateful shit buddy. Next time ask any

(It’s Douchefest 2012)

Child this question. Which is easier, to take the time & build an

Amazing masterpiece of blocks to the ceiling that everyone can

Enjoy, or taking your foot and kicking them all down? Breitbart

(Now what will I do?)

Kicked for $, fun, hate, entertainment, & mostly himself. He was

Lazy, & clearly saw tearing things down was easier than building

Them up. He was the worst in all of us, & won’t be missed by me

Speaking Of Hateful Bigots? The Bigot Stew Just Got Meatier

Birthers, fucking give it up already will ya? The more you drag it

(Ah yes)

Out, the clearer it becomes that you have serious racial issues to

Deal with. Sheriff Joe Arpaio from Maricopa County Arizona said:

“We believe probable cause exists indicating that forgery & fraud
may have been committed, not only in President Obama’s long-form
birth certificate, but more disturbing evidence suggests that another
fraud…in his selected service registration card…I can not, in good
faith report to you that these documents are authentic”

(You go now)

Ah yes, still beating the birther drum. Dumb dumb dumb dumb da

Dumbbbbbbbbbbbbb. He’s 79, he’s got racial issues, & he’s a moron

How do I know? Cause this is the same man the Justice Department

(Nice banana hammock)

Accused of racial profiling Latinos. He’s in a grand jury investigation

Stay classy fuckwagon. Next time you’re on TV…just wear the hood

Have a weekend!

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