Remember the Keystone Pipeline? The one where we’d

Grant a permit for to run oil though the US for Canada?

(Where’s a Shoney’s?)

Obama now supports TransCanada, & will let them do

Half. Half? Really? Fucking really really? Like we don’t

Know exactly what you’re doing of half now, half later?

(People with another view)

The environmental advocates were loudly no. The other

People who lived in those states knew the jobs were just

Temporary with around 3,500 for 3 months…then gone

(Worst idea…ever)

TransCanada would staff the line in the end. It’s a sweet

Heart deal give-a-way for big oil from Canada in a Texas

Refinery. Nothing more. And Obama bent over…AGAIN

(Yes, a pussy costume)

The kicker is what’s the reason? Bill “Oral Office” Clinton

Thinks it’s a good idea. The same turd who gave us NAFTA

Santorum Gets Google Love

When you looked up Santorum, Dan Savage’s definition

Of “a frothy mixture” was the first known return for all

It was under a site he listed called “SpreadingSantorum”

Now Google has changed their search rules, saying this:


“We make more than 500 changes to our algorithms in a
typical year…sites will shuffle to different positions”

Ah yes, different positions but still give Urban Dictionary

Top billing which actually has a way worse definition of it

It’s all subjective, & they know it. Google felt the heat once

(Pretty clear there)

Santorum started doing better. Sad really. It’s all political

But they’re a business, keep your shitty politics to yourself

Google isn’t the great growing tech company they once were

In 6 years, they’ll be Apples bitch, & another “search engine”

Like a hooker and drug dealer at a cop shop. You can book it

Have a day!

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