Ding Dong, So Long Kim Jong

December 19th, 2011

Everyone’s favorite lil dictator is officially down for the count

Dictators are going down faster than congress’s approval rating

(“Ha, you so funny asswipe”)

Poor little guy. He was 69 years old. He had a stroke in 08

And after that he was never the same evil asshole as before

(“I so wronlrey”)

We should’ve seen this coming. Shit, it’s in his name, he was “ill”

His full on green suits were awesome. And his glasses made Harry

(“I fry ants with them!”)

Caray’s look fucking tiny by comparison. Maybe his eyes burnt out

What happens in North Korea now? Do they “hire” a new dictator?

(A new show?)

Or just have a reality show called “FOX’s Search For A New Dictator”?

No, it’s actually his son “I’m Not As Il” will take over for him now…

(“I ate my father”)

Wait, I just found out his name is Kim Jong-un. As in “FUnnnnn”

Wait, Kim Jong Il didn’t die, he was actually eaten by his own kid

Fuck Your Payroll Tax Cut Middle Class Turdbuckets!

Speaking of dictators, house Republicans can’t agree on anything

(“I’m this much a lying dick”)

They all originally purposed a two month pay roll tax cut extension

But Obama, and the American people wanted a year minimum

(“Hell NO!”)

Republican’s said “No way Jose”, and said it would be two months

But in it Obama could axe the Keystone Pipeline big oil giveaway

(Um, wait, hit this)

And that won’t fly with all Tea Partier’s beholden to corporate oil

If it’s just tax cuts, which I thought they liked, that’s not enough

(Tea Party flow chart)

But why? Oh, because it’s for the MIDDLE CLASS.; and fuck them

See, Republicans only serve the top 1%, corporations, big oil, & banks

And everyone else can sit and spin gently until the ride comes to a

(Nice comfy chair)

Complete & full stop. Then you must pay them for all the “butt fun”

Republicans only protect the “Job Creators” who aren’t “creating”

And some Democrats are stinky filthy pussies who always let them

Have a day!

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