Over Due Process

December 15th, 2011

Obama’s totally driving this, and he’s dead wrong

(I shut up now)

He saying to take our American due process & ram

It up our asses. Thanks buddy, you’re a big dickhole

It’s called the National Defense Authorization Act

(I’m upside down)

And it allows for “indefinite detention” w/o due process

We could be imprisoned for life without charges or trials

Our constitutional rights are over, done, toast with it

(Do it)

So long amendments 5, 6, and 8. We hardly knew ya

Obama did threaten to veto it. Not be/c it was wrong

But because it didn’t have enough detention power

(Oh for fucks sake)

Wow, he’s like a taller skinny big eared Dick Cheney

If he doesn’t veto the NDAA for the RIGHT reasons

He’s gonna lose voting support he desperately needs

(This guy might not vote for you)

What do Obama & a washed up Vegas boxer have in common?

If they play their cards wrong, they’re both going down…fast

Read my Lips…Biznich!

These are just funny. They remind me of DJO on YouTube

(Never flush your kid)

It’s Ron Paul, & Newt with bad lip reading video clips

My two favs were: “Hairy Chests destroy our power”

(But not singing)

And “I went poo-poo in the egg salad”. Mostly because

I’m a 39 year-old guy with the mind of a 3rd grader

Have a day!

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