Corzine’s A Douche Salad!

December 9th, 2011

When things go terribly wrong with your business

Then who should the CEO blame? You guessed it


They blame everyone else around but themselves

Especially if you’re former Democratic NJ governor

Jon Corzine; a gutless prick who blows donkey’s

(No, I blow baby goats)

He lost $1.2 billion dollars of his clients money

I guess MF Global now means you “Mother Fuckers”

He’s like a wet fart, a shart. A shart in the pants of life

(A skid mark)

What should you do with the pants? Throw em away

Rick Perry, Bigot Asshole “Strong”

You gotta see this. No, I mean really fucking see this

(Village idiot)

I found another version you might like a little better:

“I’m not ashamed to admit I’m a Christian. But you don’t

Need to be in the pew every Sunday to know I hate “the gays”

(My tiny penis)

And “the blacks”, and “the Latino’s”; I mean hell, mow my

lawn, make me a taco, & shut up already. As for retards, let’s

just zap em in the electric chair already, am I right? Zzzzzzzz


As president, I’ll link two totally unrelated things together,

while not remotely understanding the context. Think of me

as a verbal Gerald Ford with a bigoted twang but way dumber”

I give you, your Republican base ‘Merica. Enjoy the insanity

Have a day!

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