Insane-O Cain-O, Down The Drain-O

November 30th, 2011

It’s very obvious to anyone watching. The fat lady has sung

But Cain keeps plugging his ears pretending to hear nothing

(Not listening)

Let’s all forget he’s been banging another women for 13 years

Let’s also forget his sexual harassment allegations by 4 women

(I approve that assss)

Let’s even forget his Libya gaffe. I know it’s hard, but just do it

Now comes something out of the movie Mean Girls, a “Burn Map”

It’s Cain’s “Vision For Foreign Policy & National Security” map

(Holy shit)

It comes complete with only one, two & three word descriptors:

China-Competitor, Russia-Rival, & UK-Our Special Relationship

*Cue porn music* “Oh yeah UK, you’re our “special” lil’ lady

(Shit, a sexy robot)

Here, let me text that sweet sexy ass all fucking night long”

This is not a parody. This is not comedy. It’s fucking magical

In it, he attempts to describe insanely complex relationships

(His idea for animal control)

With such few words. It’s shit you did in grade school to “rate girls”

Sue Mulligan-real hot, Laura Dale-big nose, Sonia Healy-titties

This man emits dangerously toxic levels of mega stupid daily


Sure, he’s dumber than a sack of wet hammers, & a box of hair

But I hope he stays around a long time. He’s comedy gold Jerry!

American Barelines Drops An MD-80!

It’s Chapter 11 time, and this books royally sucks eggs

Especially if you work for them today like my sister does

(New logo)

They’re dumping 24 leased MD-80 aircraft, but there’s a catch

Those planes were bought by shareholder’s & stockholders $

But with the “economic downturn” the planes have “no value”

(U need one of these)

Penny pushers think they’re “no longer necessary to operations”

Nice to know this now. Later. After they were already leased

Who will bear the brunt of all this? The stockholder & employee’s

(Aw hell no)

Cuts to stock, benefits, vacation, healthcare, pay, routes, etc.

But your “frequent filer miles are totally safe”. Oh goody

Union already agreed to a 26% pay cut in 2003. No raise since

(Call it)

Will the top leaders, VP’s & CEO of AA lose any $ or bonus’s?

Hell no. Shared sacrafice isn’t what American Airlines are about

Their new motto is “Fuck off, got mine. Sucks to be you chump”

(I’m a dick)

Stock is also wiped out. Someone needs to cut all the strings on

Golden parachutes. Either that or literally give them golden one’s

And then make em jump. That way, after they hit, workers can

All still collect the gold from around the flattened dead bodies

Have a day!

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