After watching all three LOTR’s this weekend I realized

All those movies could’ve been an hour shorter each

(Check out my stick!)

Why? Because of all the fucking strained close ups of Frodo

Then of Sam, then Frodo, then Gandolf, then Sam again

then then

Geez, the silly shit never ended. The battle scenes were cool

And talk about gay overtones? Wow, they were all over the place

(Middle Earth Cronic)

They’re was a fucking hobbit named Merry. Merry for shit sake

Then they were all rolling around in the bed at the end. Odd

Speaking Of Gay; Barney Frank Is Outta Here, Newt Isn’t

Guess Christmas hair is the new thang this political season

(Who said that?)

Mr. Potato Head is the flavor of the weak. Soon to be gone

Just like all the rest. But Barney Frank won’t seek re-election

After nearly 30 years in office. And all I can think of is

(Let it out)

When he said to a nubjob, “On what planet do you spend most of your time?”

He handled his office with a style that was really unique. He’ll be missed

About spending: “Who do you think paid for the (Iraq)war? Santa Clause?”

(Stupid people)

It still expects to be a blue seat for the political climate there

Newt was over with the 1.6 million in Fannie Mae cash he took

But always know this. “Mr. Potato Head…I love you!”

Have a day!

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