Fractured, But Not Broken

November 22nd, 2011

Meh, it sounds like our Super Committee in a nutshell

Shit, they’re more dysfunctional than the Kardashian’s

(Yes, dysfunctional)

And have $5.7 million more in plastic surgery by comparison

The Chicago Bears lost starting quarter back Jay Cutler

For most of the rest of the season with a fractured thumb

(No more hitch-hiking)

Never been a big Cutler fan here, & questioned his toughness

But now it’s my time to munch down the crow, & by the fist full

The guy played a great game, & showed some real leadership

(Well done!)

He also played with that broken thumb for another 3 series

Now it’s the Calib Hanie show. Let’s hope it’s not a horror film

Holy Crap ANOTHER Republican Debate?!?!

Republicans will actually have less debates than Democrats did

Already told you here that it was 26 total for Dems in 2004

(Debate recap)

And after all the brain farts settle it will land on only 22 in March

I guess it just seems like more with the current crop of candidates

Content is king. If Lord Of The Rings sucked, that would be bad

(Yes we do)

3 hour movies of shitty material tends to catch people’s attention

And really really really piss them off. Better content wins, always

Again, the best candidate IMHO is Jon Huntsman by far

(You hate me this much)

But he’s not “red meat enough” for people who “hate the gays”

The problem here is they are all shooting farther right

That leads us back to default Mitt(rhymes with shit) Promey

(You did it)

That’s him, you’re 7th backup prom date awaits your call

Have a day!

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