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November 21st, 2011

1st lady Michelle Obama was booed at a NASCAR event

She was there to support military veterans & their families

(Oh jeeeeeeeez)

I mean “Boooooooooooooooooo” right? Am I right?!?!?

This is racism, straight up. No if’s ands or butts

(Der, guff, fart, dumb)

Afterall, you can’t spell NAZISCAR without Nazi

Name another 1st lady who was booed? You’ll be unable too

Cause it’s never happened. Shit balls, this is way to stupid

(So true)

It’s like a sick arsonist lights our entire country on fire

Then the guy who come to put out the fire, is now yelled at

Mocked, insulted, & blamed for all the damage it caused


As he tried to clean it up, people shout, “You royally suck!”

And “Kenyan Socialist baby eater” & “You’re doing it wrong”

NASCAR isn’t even a real sport. If that’s the case

(Tea Party Jesus)

Then so it parking at the mall. You drive around fast

In circles looking for a place to park. They had a promo yesterday

It was “Inbread flipper babies get in free” day, & was a sellout

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