My Big Fat Greek Default

November 1st, 2011

Fucking Greece! You goofy assed silly sons of bitches

*Moves hands in sweeping stereotyped Italian motions*

No, I’m not talking about the stuff dripping off fries

(Heart cloggers)

No, I’m not talking about the stuff on pimply teens faces

And no, I’m not talking about adorable singing high school lovers

(Is the word)

I’m talking about the place that keeps dicking our markets here

Every time the market dips, it’s all due to those fart lockers

But why now? Let me tell you why. Greece is broke. Not US broke

They’re even broker. We’re talking like pockets pulled out broke

(Wha happen?)

Shit, at least we still got credit cards to buy, sell, & make stuff

Granted they’re all written in Chinese, but hell, we got it

They don’t. And when asked to join the “Euro” currency

Greek leadership agreed, the deal was done, & markets steadied

Now only Greek Prime minister George Papandreou says “Fuck you!”

(“I’m this much a dick”)

He doesn’t want the Euro 130 billion rescue, & is ready to default

Wait a second, what? They already all agreed to this a while back

All those in Greek government did, including his finance minster

Now all the people in government are super pissed at this turd

(What did you do?)

And all the people in the Euro side of the deal are very pissed off too

Greeks wanted him booted, & for good reason. It’s always one guy

At parties he’s called “That guy”. The “Who puked in my bed?” guy

(I’m hilarious to me)

The “Idiot that clogged the toilet & put boogers on the wall” guy

The “who said they were going to get the keg but didn’t?” guy

He’s pulling a Tea Party debt ceiling debate way late in Greece

If they default, their country goes under & currency is worthless

(You are rats-o)

I guess Mr. Taint Whistle didn’t get the memo he agreed too

Maybe start a “My Big Fat Greek Debt” dinner show at $1500 per plate

Soon your country will look like your biggest tourist sites: ruins

The Greek people’ll have captain assclown gone by evening

Have a day!

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