Occupy Tear Gas?!?!

October 28th, 2011

In Oakland CA, 100 people went back to claim their protest area

Cops tear-gassed them by firing it into a crowd of over 100 protesters

(Is that Iraq?)
The protesters were marching to City Hall to reclaim the camp

That they’d been evicted from by police early Tuesday morning

When I saw the footage, it looked like a war zone

Um, maybe try a bullhorn. Perhaps do what rational society does

(Hit by a gas can)

Let them exercise their 1st amendment rights

How about having the political offices set up a conversation?

Try what Wisconsin did saying “Have to clean then you can come back”

(Used it to clean)

Nope, fuck you, war zone, tear gas, up yours, go away

Not a healthy way to start a conversation Oakland authority figures

Sorry, didn’t download Halloween picks yet, you’ll have em Monday

Have a Happy Halloweenis weekend!

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