Down With The Dick-tator

October 20th, 2011

You don’t celebrate the death of anyone, let alone douche dictators

(Bad Michael Jackson impression)

But honestly, it feels pretty awesome for freedom across the world

Libya’s free! I did say Libya right? Sometimes I confuse that with labia

Honest mistake…for coked up guys watching 10 hours of porn a day

“We have been waiting for this moment for a long time

Moammar Gadhafi has been killed” said Mahmoud Jibril


You can see the graphic photo of him injured if you like

I didn’t mostly because I’m a huge pus with a weak stomach

But the moral of this story is, when an angry mob of say

“Your entire country” knocks on your door saying “Give us the keys…

(He said it)

And please get the fuck out of our house in the next 5 minutes”

The worst response is “Suck it! Say ehhhhelllo to my lil friend”

They tend to get extra mad, out number you, & then this shit happens

(Oh I get it. It’s not little)

By the way if ever someone was born to hold a political office

It’d be a guy with the last name of “Sh#t”. Something like Douglas Shit

You can already envision “2012, Sh#t!”. After a scandal, “Sh#t happens”

Also these gems: “You Gotta Love This Shit”, & “This Shit Is Awesome”

(Well said)

Even his detractors could use, “Don’t Listen To This Shit?”

And “No Shit!”, & even “This Is Total BullShit”

Have a day!

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