The Master Debaters Part Douche

October 19th, 2011

Headline “Romney And Perry Go AT It In Vegas” sounds like gay porn

(“I’m pitcher, OK?”)

Wow, this is getting really really really funny now…

It’s like seeing playground kids in suits with cool lights insult each other

Hoping one gets nominated, then gets crushed like can in the general

(“I’ll kung-fu chop u all”)

Herman Cain was picked on hard for his 999 plan by everyone without a plan

It’s a super douche off. It’s like having someone say, “We should kill old people”

Then someone else chimes in saying, “No! Let’s kill all old people saving billions”

(“Why am I here again?”)

It’s crazy conservative improv saying, “Yes AND let’s get rid of all currency!”

If anyone of these people were elected, in 5 months or less

Our entire country would look like the movie Road Warrior

Have a day!

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