How does one act “shocked”

(“I’m shocked I planned this”)

At something you produced, worked on & planned? For serious

Remember, as she thoughtfully said, “This isn’t goodbye”…

(pick who has worse hair)

Because she wants you still as fans to watch her new fucking NETWORK

She’s leaving Chicago for LA. Meh, she wishes to be a mogul

Perhaps that’s really what she was all along, a killer business woman

Oprah is a cult of sorts. Like Scientology, or Red Bull

(“She has her own currency?”)

For middle aged women to find new things to blame their husbands for

Or try out on them. It was never “Fantasy sex cop dress up night”

Homer Simpson: “Stupid never sexy night for us Oprah”

(Damn it)

Oprah did do good thing for charity, that much is true

But now it’s off to the land of fires, mudslides, & fake


Mostly because she “needs” the money, right?

You’ll fit right in my silly plastic friend

Have a day!

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